Everything Is Weird: Taking inventory of Ry Cooder's guitar collection

November 2018

This article originally appeared in the Fretboard Journal's 2018 Electric Guitar Annual 

By Jason Verlinde

Photographs by Reuben Cox

“No more snare drums,” Ry Cooder sighs. That’s the dictate Joachim Cooder gave to his father. Ry’s Gear Acquisition Syndrome hasn’t slowed down, and his son would like him to apply the brakes. “I’m his curator,” Ry explains and then adds, with all the parental pride one can muster, “Get this—I got him a set of Elvin Jones’s hi-hat and ride cymbal!”

We’re sitting in the music room of Cooder’s Santa Monica home. It is exactly how you’d imagine it. Cramped with cases,...

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