Homer’s Odyssey: David Rawlings’ unlikely new archtop (orig appeared in the Fretboard Journal 41)

October 2018

For over a decade, David Rawlings has been synonymous with just one guitar: The humble, small-bodied 1935 Epiphone Olympic archtop. We’ve seen it accompany Rawlings as much as his music partner Gillian Welch does, which is to say, always. And, as Rawlings’ profile has slowly grown from Americana buzz artist to all-around guitar hero, he’s singlehandedly raised the value on the instrument. Many seeking that unmistakable Rawlings’ tone – that mind-altering, driving mid-range – have tried to lay their hands on an Epi.

But, listen closely to Rawling’s Poor David’s Almanac, and you might notice something has changed. Yes, Rawlings...

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