Fretboard Journal #48

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Innovators and traditionalists, old and new... the 48th issue of the Fretboard Journal has a bit of everything in its 128 pages. It's now mailing to readers around the world. This time around, we have our long-overdue chat with boundary-pusher (and now Collings signature artist) Julian Lage for a conversation about inspiration, gear and more. Grammy-winning classical guitarist and composer Andrew York walks us through the many facets of his lengthy career... a feat that takes over 20 pages! We also get a peek at a pair of ultra-rare Martins: Bob Minner's pre-war D-18 that he's dubbed "Frankie," and an even rarer pre-war 000-45 brought back from the dead by Frank Ford and Gryphon Instruments. We also talk mandolins and songwriting with Chris Thile; learn about the future of consistent tone woods via Dave Olson and Pacific Rim Tonewoods; and visit the atelier of Rachel Rosencrantz, a luthier committed to finding alternatives to wood itself. Plus a lot more..


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