Angela Instrument's 1996 Catalog (Complete) with the Single-Ended/Super Single-Ended Project

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By popular demand, we've partnered with Angela Instruments founder Steve Melkisethian to offer exclusive PDF scans of his legendary print catalogs.

First up his is 1996 Angela A-Team catalog, which includes his walk-through on how to build a Princeton-style 6V6 amplifier project, his Super Single Ended Angela Amp project and more. 265 pages, printable PDF download sent immediately upon checkout.

Though the pricing and inventory lists may be outdated, these Angela catalogs are a wealth of information for amp lovers, containing page after page of recommended books, Steve's thoughts on various amp circuits, comics and lots of surprises.

We'll be chatting about Steve's schematics in future episodes of the podcast (a podcast group build of his Super Single Ended amp project is slated for 2021).

All proceeds beyond a small processing fee go straight to Steve and Angela.

***Note: Building an amp can be dangerous; use this at your own risk.*** 

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