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Mandolin Conversations is the Fretboard Journal's first eBook project. Not surprisingly given the title, this 70 page book features interviews with some of our favorite mandolin players and builders.

Included are in-depth conversations with:
Luthier Steve Gilchrist
Musicians Chris Thile & David Grisman (previously published in our hard-to-find 10th issue)
Bill Collings of Collings Guitars and Mandolins
Luthier Don MacRostie
Luthier Lynn Dudenbostel
Musician Andy Statman
and luthier Mike Kemnitzer (Nugget Mandolins) 

Filled with in-depth interviews (and links to pertinent photos and websites), it will appeal to both entry level players and aficionados looking for more information from some mandolin legends.

This 70 page book is in PDF form and text-based so that it can be read on most every digital device with minimal issues. At just under 600KB in file size, it won't consume your entire hard drive and you can print it out on your home printer with ease. Price is just $5.99 (US). A PDF will be emailed to you after purchase.

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