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Get an annual (four issue) subscription to The Fretboard Journal. This lovingly crafted publication is a guitar magazine made for fretted instrument fanatics, by instrument fanatics. It's like no other music publication you've ever seen. 

For a limited time, all new annual subscriptions begin with our current edition, Fretboard Journal 51 (now mailing).

Each keepsake edition is filled with in-depth interviews, gorgeous photo essays, and longform profiles featuring the world's most interesting players and instrument builders.

Supplies are limited and often sell out. When they're gone, they're gone.

As a reader-supported publication, we're able to focus on storytelling over advertising. Each issue of the FJ weighs in at 128 pages or more with less than 20% of advertising. 

Think of it as a quarterly coffee table book centered on the world of guitars, amps, mandolins, and other fretted instruments. Whether you're an acoustic or an electric player, a lover of boutique modern instruments, or vintage gear, we have something for you.

On a budget and just want the stories? We now offer digital / PDF subscriptions

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