Fretboard Journal Current Issue

Fretboard Journal Current Issue
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The Fretboard Journal #40 is a little something more than the usual portraits of our favorite builders and players and histories of rare and unusual instruments. Looming large in issue 40 is our tribute to the legendary Bill Collings, who passed away shortly before we went to press. We enlisted the community–musicians and builders, customers and peers–to share their stories, celebrating his life with memories of his tremendous spirit, his strength and his humor.

In this issue we also take a look at the astounding work of the guitarists Bryan Sutton (on the cover), Grant Gordy and Steve Gunn as well as the creative, affirmative whimsy of artist-cum-luthier Fred Carlson; Tony Marcus and Eric Schoenberg share their somewhat obsessive appreciation of the singular Epiphone Recording Model guitars; Karl Catteeuw and Rufus Yells help us sort out the confounding history of Gibson ukuleles; and, of course, much, much more.

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